Sights near franeker

Sights near Franeker/Frjentsjer is inextricably linked to the elfstedentocht. Not only the famous skating trip goes through the city, but thousands of participants in e.g. cycling, hiking, engines-, canoe-elfstedentocht pass the stamping station in the city.

The city is also known worldwide from the Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium. The model of our planetary system is two hundred years ago created by Eise Eisinga. Queen Beatrix and her family was on april 30, 2008 even by Eise Eisinga by our city. The town has many historic buildings, such as the Town Hall, the Korendragershuisje and the Martini Church (ca. 1421). Also the old Frisian stinzen of the nobility (0. a. Cammingahuis Martenahuis 1498, 14th century) and the stronghold with its guardhouses, the imposing professors homes and buildings, the Academy café de Bogt Fen Guné (oldest students café of the province of Friesland), the Museum Martena and many more are worth a visit.

Rebound is a Frisian ball game and once in the year, the 5th Wednesday after 30 June, the famous k Championships. This is a public holiday in franeker. This Championship is the PC. There is space for the title  King (PC-King) and the winner gets the sitting on net. The  couples play here on the kaatsters for well known Frisian Holy Grass of It Sjûkelân. Winning the PC is  the highest star. In the “Kaatsmuseum” you can learn all about this Frisian sport.

The municipality Waadhoeke (city of Franeker and 16 old (terp) villages) is bounded by the Wadden Sea. By the municipality of meanders of the Wadden area to the middle of Friesland the Slachtedyk. This medieval dijk is once every four years the scene of a marathon and walking tour with thousands of participants.

Franeker has a variety of restaurants where one after a day out can enjoy a delicious meal. For a look at our tips page. There is a Sports Hall, swimming pool, Marina, library and Theatre The Koornbeurs, several museums and monumental buildings. Your host Tjeerd Rinsma was born and raised in Franeker and he know all about his city and its surroundings to tell.

Restaurant tips in Franeker

  1. At Restaurant De Stadsherberg in Franeker you will receive a 10% discount on your dinner when you show your room key.
  2. Ristorante Toscanini
  3. Restaurant de Grillerije
  4. Grandcafé de Doelen
  5. Chinees Restaurant Cheung Kwong
  6. De Poort van Franeker
  7. Het Wapen van Friesland in Easterlittens

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Poptaslot Marssum

Noardwest Fryslân

Noardwest Fryslân. The land of beautiful views and ever-changing cloudscapes. Also an area with its own unique character and many leisure activities. Here you will find historic towns and vast meadows where cattle graze peacefully the Frisian Piebald. Noardwest Fryslân is also the country of canals, lakes and canals. A paradise for hikers, cyclists and boaters where also culture lovers.

Many museums have a lot to offer young and old. Also the many (terp) villages with often beautiful restored gable roof churches are worth a visit. And the many dikes, of Slaughterhouse to the seawall, are the impressive monument of the centuries-long struggle against the water. Noardwest Fryslân a region to be discovered.

For activities and events visit and or take a look at this site:

Cycling, walking and the wadden

cycle routes: Our Bed and breakfast is located on the network of Fryslân “Noardwest”, node 05. This offers you a range of possibilities. A map is available.

Several hiking trails: city walk of franeker to eleven cities tour on foot. The Jabikspaad, part of the route of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, runs for hikers by franeker and for cyclists even by Lutje Lollum.

Visit Terschelling, Vlieland or Ameland. The ferry services in Harlingen and Holwerd to the Wadden Islands are quickly and easily accessible.

Woudagemaal Lemmer

Jopie Huisman Museum

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